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Set in the gorgeous Worcestershire countryside, Manor hill house is a fantastic wedding venue with an impressive set up, perfect for filming. Here we collaborated with our friends at Riley and Thomas to create a hero video to sit on the their new website, along with some drone photography and a series of short video clips for their social media pages.

Over the two days of filming, we made sure we captured the ‘golden hours,’ which is the time shortly after sunrise & before the sun sets. This really helps bring out:

– Soft, warm lighting that adds a natural and beautiful look to the footage
– Reduced contrast, making it easier to capture details in both bright and shadowy areas
– Vibrant colours that appear more saturated and eye-catching!

See below for what we came up with!

drone photography services - Wedding Venues
Aerial photography at wedding venue
Aerial photography - Wedding Venue
Aerial drone photography services - wedding venues