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Explore our dynamic collaboration with Equishox, a cutting-edge design for horse racing. Our recent video and photography project, perhaps our most thrilling to date, spotlights the innovative Equishox shoes. Tasked with emphasizing equine welfare, we showcase how this product has the potential to elevate both the well-being and performance of horses in the racing industry.

Premier Equine

Embark on an exhilarating visual journey through our compelling project, featuring the Premier Equine summer clothing range meticulously tailored for show jumping enthusiasts. This portfolio piece captures the essence of our dedication to visually presenting products in a way that resonates with authenticity and showcases their practicality in real-life situations.

Worcester Warriors

Dive into our compelling case study featuring the Worcester Warrior Women’s Rugby Team, pioneers of independent women’s rugby. Explore the narrative behind our exclusive film capturing the exhilarating kit reveal for the upcoming season. Uncover the synergy of athleticism and style that defines this groundbreaking team and our collaborative storytelling approach.

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As a dedicated branded video content agency, we craft impactful videos and photos tailored precisely to your brand.

Located in the heart of Evesham in southeast Worcestershire, Trend Visuals’ dynamic studio is more than just a space – it’s where your brand’s vision comes to life

Harnessing the power and quality of top-tier drones piloted by licensed professionals, we shoot mesmerizing aerial footage that adds depth and dynamism to your photography and videography campaigns.

Our veteran photographers use state-of-the-art studios and equipment to meticulously craft images that resonate with your brand’s ethos.

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