5 benefits of using drone filming for your marketing plan


Before the emergence of the drone, the only way to get eye-catching aerial photography or video would be by hiring a helicopter and a licensed pilot to navigate a camera crew, which of course was not accessible to most businesses. Now, drone filming has never been easier to incorporate into your marketing strategy and create eye-catching content for your business.  Here are 5 of the main benefits in using drone filming & photography for your business:

1. Drone footage is unique

Drone filming allows you to capture stunning aerial footage which can provide a unique angle for the viewer. Whether it be a location or an event, drone footage can give you a birds eye view of your business or product.

At Trend Visuals, we have worked in some stunning locations to really show off our drone skills and promote the beauty of the location. Check out the example above of some drone filming we did of the beautiful Cotswold villages of Broadway and Snowshill.

2. Drone footage is great for establishing shots of the space you are filming

Another benefit of drone filming is that it is a fantastic way to start & end a video, with the drone shots being used to establish the location that the video is being filmed in, to help guide viewers through the journey and give them an aerial view of the business/location.

Here’s a great example where we used drone to establish the rest of the video:

3. It’s very quick and efficient 

One of the many benefits of using drones is how incredibly easy it is to set up and start filming. In the past, capturing aerial footage would’ve required lots of planning and preparation along with a large team. Although with drone filming, all you need is a licensed pilot to find a safe place to start the drone and get filming in under 5 minutes!

Drone videographer - Trend Visuals

4. Incorporating drone filming into your marketing plan can be very cost effective

The use of a drone is now accessible to businesses of any size and can be a cost effective way to capture some eye-catching footage for your marketing efforts without breaking the bank.With the relatively low overheads involved and the efficiency of capturing the content, businesses can benefit from professionally shot footage at a low price.

At Trend Visuals, we’ve captured drone footage for a wide range of businesses including property developers, events companies, local councils, sports industry & many more. Here’s a shot from a recent shoot at a local wedding venue:

Manor Hill Wedding Venue photography - Trend Visuals

5. Drone filming captures high quality footage

An obvious benefit of using drone footage is the high quality footage it can create. Due to huge advancements in technology, drones can now shoot and capture in full HD & record at 4k resolution. 

At Trend Visuals, we use the Mavic 3 Cine as our primary drone, which provides us with incredibly high quality footage for our clients. Here’s a clip below of it in action: