5 different types of video content to utilise in your marketing plan


The world is quickly realising that video marketing is an incredibly important tool to get their message across effectively. According to WYZOwl most recent statistics, 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, increasing 25% from the 2016 statistics. With the large number of social media platforms and different ways to watch video content, it would be no surprise to see those numbers increase in the future.

When companies decide to increase their video marketing content, the next step would be to decide which type of content would be the most effective for them. Here’s 5 different types of content companies can benefit from:

Explainer videos

These are the most commonly used types of videos for businesses. They combine the use of visual and audio stimulus to explain a concept in an understandable way and can be incredibly effective for the viewer. They’re the perfect way to introduce a business, product, or service. 


Teaser videos

These videos are short, concise and leave the viewer wanting more. They are shorter edits of a longer video to entice the viewer to go onto the full video. Perfect for Instagram, TikTok and Facebook.



A great way to help humanise a brand, product, or service. These types of videos give customers a feeling of inclusion, that helps them connect to a business on a deeper level. 


Tutorial videos

An effective way to build an audience. By companies offering their own expertise and skill by giving people helpful tutorials which will educate them, it builds trust with the company.


Case Study/Testimonial videos

These types of videos give viewers an insight into a previous project by going on a previous customers journey. They’re persuasive and engaging videos and are a great way to encourage new business.